Importing QOEv5 Orders Into QOEv6

  • Import job(s) from QOEv5.

a. Start QOEv6, Click File | Import | Version 5 Orders


b. Locate your tkpjobs.mdb file typically located in the TKP folder. The default location when installing QOEv5 is:

C:\Program Files\TKP\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\TKP\

depending on whether your computer is 32 or 64 bit.

If you've moved this file to a network location, then please browse to that network folder.

c. Click OK to select that folder and you should see your QOEv5 jobs listed.

d. You can sort this list by "Date Last Edited" to see the newest jobs listed toward the top, then individually check the jobs you wish to Import, then click the Import button.

e. You can click "Select All" to check all of the jobs from your QOEv5 database (not recommended if more than 50 jobs).

f. Close the Import tool after you've finished importing all of your jobs.

  • Import a job that has already been exported from QOEv5. You can import .tkp files into QOEv6 by following the steps below:

a. Start QOEv6, Click Open, Click Import and change File of Types to look for TKP Files (*.TKP)

b. Browse to the folder containing your .tkp file you wish to import.

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