Sharing the SQL Server Jobs Database on a Domain Network

Instructions for Windows


The SQL Server database used by AdvanceWare software can be shared with other users’ computers on a network. In order to enable this, the following steps must be taken on the computer that will be hosting the database to be shared

1. Expose SQL Server to your network using SQL Server Administrator.

2. Create permissions in SQL Server to allow users to access the database using AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator.  

Once these steps have been completed on the database hosting computer, the AdvanceWare software on each user’s computer can be redirected to connect to the shared database.   

Exposing SQL Server to your network using the script provided with AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator

        **Note: The following steps should be done on the server/host machine. 

1. Open Visual Quick Order Entry, then go to Tools>Data Sources> and select SQL Server Admin. Once the AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator is open, select Expose SQL Server Instance to Network from the Tools menu.


2. Click Yes on the Exposing Server to the network dialog to confirm you want to make changes in SQL Server Configuration Manager and Windows Firewall.

3. Click Yes to restart the SQL Server Service.


Create permissions in SQL Server to allow users to access the database using AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator

1. With Visual Quick Order Entry open, go to Tools>Data Sources> and select SQL Server Admin. This will open the AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator.

2. Database user accounts must be created for each user who will be accessing the Jobs database. Alternately, users may be members of a group, and the group may be added as a database user account. IMPORTANT: Each database user to be added must already have a Windows user or group account. To create a new account for a user or group, in AdvanceWare SQL Server Administrator, on the Users tab, click on New User…

3. In the Database User dialog, enter a Windows user name and select Windows User (selected by default) as the User Type, or enter a Windows group name and select Windows Group as the User Type. Be sure to include the domain name for the Windows user or group name. Both Allow Read and Allow Write permissions are selected by default.

Note: When adding a local Windows group, the domain name is BUILTIN, and when added a local Windows user, the domain name is the name of the local computer.  

4. . Click OK on the Database User dialog.

Redirecting AdvanceWare software to connect to a shared database

        **Note: The following steps should be completed on a workstation machine, not the server/host machine. 

1. With Visual Quick Order Entry open on the workstation, click on the Tools menu and click on Preferences.

2. On the Preferences screen, click on the Misc tab, click on the Database Server preference, and click on the ellipsis button.

3. On the Database Location window, click on the drop-down arrow to see a list of available SQL Server instances. Click on the instance that contains the database you want to use. Then click Connect.

The existence of the jobs database will be verified, and its version will be checked. Upon a successful verification process, you will be returned to the Preferences screen, and the Database Server preference will contain the new value. Click OK to save and close the Preferences screen.

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