AdvanceWare’s OrderLink Software for Conestoga Reaches 200+ Electronic Orders Per Day

East Earl, PA, June 5, 2013 - Several years ago, AdvanceWare, Inc. developed a software system built on AdvanceWare technology to assist Conestoga and its customers in processing quotes and orders more efficiently. With the introduction of OrderLink, Conestoga’s customers electronically create quotes and orders without relying on Conestoga’s customer service staff to process orders manually.

For the second month in a row, more than 200 electronic orders were processed directly from customers into Conestoga’s manufacturing system each day. We have dramatically decreased the cost to Conestoga for processing orders, reduced order entry errors and increased dealer sales by providing customers an easier way to create quotes and orders. The OrderLink software is free to download for authorized Conestoga customers only. But, if you’re a component manufacturer or supplier please contact us to learn more about how our Sales-to-Orders system can be adapted to meet your company’s needs.

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