AdvanceWare’s OrderLink Software for Conestoga Reaches 150,000 Electronic Orders

East Earl, PA, September 10, 2012– AdvanceWare, Inc. a leader in software for the Kitchen & Bath and Cabinet Industries, announced today a milestone has been reached in the implementation of Conestoga’s dealer quote and order entry software called OrderLink. More than 45% of all Conestoga orders are now being processed with AdvanceWare’s OrderLink Software with over 150,000 orders being electronically submitted and processed to date.

Conestoga Wood Specialties, a world leader in the manufacturing of wood cabinet components including cabinet doors, drawer boxes, mouldings, and RTA cabinet systems has been working with AdvanceWare over the past 5 years developing software for Conestoga’s customer base to simplify the quote and order entry process. The “OrderLink” project included the implementation of AdvanceWare’s Pricing and Front Frame Configurator along with additional custom programming to integrate data with other Conestoga legacy systems.

The OrderLink software is used by Conestoga Customer’s to generate error-free quotes and orders for Conestoga’s Custom and Cabinet Systems product lines. Orders are electronically submitted and acknowledge back to the customer within 10 minutes, then released into production upon approval. Orders no longer need to be rekeyed into Conestoga’s Order Entry System but are uploaded electronically saving valuable time and reducing order entry errors.

 “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have experienced from implementing the OrderLink application to our customer base”, stated Chris Watson, COO at Conestoga. AdvanceWare has been a vital technology partner for Conestoga and our customers, helping us simplify and improve the quote and order entry processes immensely.” added Mr. Watson

Michael Smith of Tilesmith,Inc stated, "The commitment AdvanceWare has made to streamline Conestoga’s overwhelming product line has resulted in fewer mistakes, better time management and increased profits for my company. This program is the best tool any one vendor has ever offered to sell their product. I would like to thank Conestoga for having the foresight to choose AdvanceWare to develop OrderLink and to thank AdvanceWare for the perseverance, devotion and intelligence to pull it off."

“This is yet another major milestone for our business and truly is a testament to our programming staff for the 20 years of software development invested to make AdvanceWare’s dealer pricing and order entry software flexible enough to handle the enormous complexity of Conestoga’s product offering. ” stated Tom Hawkes, of AdvanceWare.



About AdvanceWare’s Dealer Pricing and Order Entry Software

AdvanceWare’s OrderLink and Quick Order Entry applications are enterprise-scale sales configuration software solution. Designed for the Cabinet Manufacturing and Kitchen and Bath Industries, AdvanceWare Sales-to Order system allows companies to quickly convert product specification catalog into “smart” electronic catalogs that can be easily distributed and managed throughout a dealer network.  The technology also embeds manufacturing and engineering rules, graphics, and CAD files to be used by dealers and salespeople to accurately price and order custom cabinetry and cabinet components.

About AdvanceWare, Inc.

AdvanceWare is a software development company creating Design, Pricing and Order Entry Software for the Kitchen & Bath and Cabinet Industries. This would include Kitchen & Bath Dealers, Home Storage and Closet Companies, Cabinet Door Manufacturers, Cabinet Components, Cabinet Manufacturers, and Commercial Casework Companies. Our clients include, Conestoga Wood Specialties, Master Brand Industries, Omega Cabinetry, Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry. Kountry Kraft, Wm.Ohs and thousands of independent dealers, designers and cabinet shops. Please visit AdvanceWare at

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